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La Sbandata (1974)-Italian/NoSub /Incest

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La Sbandata (1974)-Italian/NoSub /Incest

Postby DAILYMILKMAN » Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:36 pm

La Sbandata

Italy 1974

Italian/No subs.
85 min

Incest themed Comedy
by Salvatore Samperi

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This movie is about a man (Domenico Modguno) who returns to his native Sicily from New York where he has earned a relative fortune by Sicilian standards working as a lowly shoe salesman. He moves in his brother and his brother's new wife (former Bond girl Luciana Paluzzi), but quickly becomes obsessed with his brother's nubile stepdaughter (his own "niece") played by Eleanora Giorgi.
There's quite a lot of gentle satire here involving both this "wealthy" immigrant "from America" and the provincial Sicilian yokels (the man and his brother have some pretty funny arguments about the merits of indoor plumbing).
The "uncle-niece" thing kind of puts this film in what was practically an entire genre of 70's Italian comedies and comedy-dramas inspired by Samperi's own "Malizia" and Ferdinand DiLeo's "The Seduction". These might be called "erotic family" films (one of them was actually called "Erotic Family"!).
They are very Italian films with quasi-incestual themes, but are (usually) not nearly as sleazy as they sound because the characters are (usually) not blood relatives at least....
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